Smackdown Discussion: April 16, 2010


Sultan of Swat
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Alright, I decided to started doing these more frequent now, we have a few members here that watch the show so I believe we can have great discussion.

Use this thread to talk about what happens in tonights episode of Smackdown.

I wonder what's next between Jericho and Edge since, neither of them have a title shot at Extreme Rules.


Lion Rampant
For once, BR, the wrestling itself was the high point of the show for me. When I read down the card earlier in the day, it sounded pretty promising. I wasn't disappointed.

The opener, Drew McIntyre vs. Kane, was interesting to me for character exposition of the "serpentine and sadistic Scotsman" (as 'Mo Striker puts it). I have to admit, I'm on board with the 'Braveheart Lite' thing.

Truth/Nemeth was the one that stood out on the card for me as an opportunity for a great-looking tech match. After the inverted body drop, the picture-perfect hip toss and more, I had what I wanted. Worth the two hours, right there.

Michelle vs. Mickie: always nice. Always cameltoe nice, too, if you don't find that distracting. The required Divas segment can be a clunker, can be Jigglin' Hall vs. Alicia "I can do a bulldog!" Fox, but this one was a decent showing by two women who know their craft.

Hart Dynasty vs. SES: did anyone here catch DH making nice with Rey, sort of patting him on the shoulder, "I got this"-like, just before the bell? Man, I wish they were faces on our side of the pond. I also wish someone would write Luke Gallows getting hit with a ring bell or something and going Festus (or at least fake Kane) on some egomaniacal Punk ass.

The outcome of the Triple Threat wasn't super hard to predict. Still, Edge and Jericho are always 'on' together. It will be interesting to see what's next for them. And I'm sorry, but I'm glad Swagger has the strap. I say this and hardly flinch. One, he's starting to realize all the potential Jim Ross must have seen when he invited the kid to Norman for some JRSBBQ five or so years ago. Two, creative has apparently dropped that fricking godawful cheesy smile from his repertoire - woohoo!