SmackDown! - 07/04 Results

Dark Match:
* Vladamir Kozlov b. Trevor Murdoch
Before the match, Murdoch sang God Bless America

SmackDown: (Airing Friday 07/04)
* Michael Cole comes out to ringside to say "goodbye" to SmackDown fans. Jim Ross interrupts him, and boots him out for being a Texas fan. Here comes Mick Foley.

* The show opens with Triple H in MVP's V.I.P Lounge. Hunter calls MVP a power ranger and shows the video of Edge losing the World Championship. He then says Edge got "Punked up."

* Edge comes out and says he is happy for his and Vickie's wedding. He says they should go to Las Vegas. I'm told Vickie is drawing a ton of heat, making it very hard to hear what is going on. Triple H interrupts by saying he would never sleep with Vickie but she is nicer looking than any other woman Edge has ever been with. Triple H vs. Edge is then set up for The Great American Bash pay-per-view later this month.

* Michelle McCool b. Victoria, Kelly Kelly, Maryse, & Cherry.
McCool will now face Natalya for the new diva championship title.

* Jesse & Festus b. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Festus got the pin for the win. After the match Edge comes to the ring and cleans house on Jesse & Festus.

* They cut to a video segment of Edge arguing with Vickie.

* Jeff Hardy b. John Morrison
I'm told Hardy got the win after hitting the Swanton.

* Umaga b. Funaki in a squash match.

* Matt Hardy b. Shelton Benjamin, Chavo Guerrero, & Ken Kennedy is in a fatal four way match to retain the United States Championship.

* Edge comes out and says this is a bunch of crab. He says he will be WWE Champion at The Great American Bash and goes on to say that he made Vickie, Ryder, and Hawkins what they were and no one likes him because he's a warrior.

Vickie comes out and Edge tells her the wedding is off.

Dark Main Event:
* Triple H & Big Show b. Mark Henry & Edge
Big Show makes fun of Edge and calls him a baby. Triple H helps Big Show. Edge walks out as Big Show & Triple H get the win.

The MVP Lounge was very funny when Triple H called MVP a power ranger when he dresses up in his wrestling garb. Then they both started making fun of Edge saying he got Punk'd by CM Punk on RAW.

Later on that night after Festus and Jesse won their match, Edge came out and attacked poor, defenseless Festus while The Edgeheads held Jesse. Festus couldn't do anything because he was still in character. :-/

The only match that was better than average this night was Jeff Hardy vs John Morrison. They both put on a great show with Jeff coming out on top.


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It was an interesting show...I do agree that Morrison vs. Hardy was very entertaining. I'm dissapointed that someone like Shelton didn't bring the US Title home!!

Edge calling off the wedding was hilarious.
Edge calling off the wedding was hilarious.
I lol'd about 5 minutes. It was funny seeing Vickie get all upset after that happened. A bit of overacting, but hilarious, too.

I actually expected Vickie to call it off for how Edge treated her.


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Seriously Vicki has been cracking me up lately. Her "excuse me!" is becoming an annoying trademark (in a good way).

As I said in the Bash thread, Edge vs. Triple H is of epic proportions. I don't think they've ever had a 1 on 1 feud, and I'd love to see it go for a long time or at least rekindle in the future.


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to bad the main event and the kozlov match were dark... those are usually the ones im interested in the most.


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vickies reaction to the wedding was patheticly over exagerated. Good show other then that
Something I don't get is this...
* Michelle McCool b. Victoria, Kelly Kelly, Maryse, & Cherry.
McCool will now face Natalya for the new diva championship title.
Nattie was out at ringside and could've attacked the winner after the match, but she didn't. That would've been a great way to promote the feud with Nattie attacking Michelle after the match. I wonder why they didn't go with it. :\