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Registered Member
Omg! You've been liked on by Commander Bliss! :-o Well, you're def pretty cool so I like U 2! :D You have a lot of strong points:
You never borrow my skateboard without asking, you never squirt toothpaste all over my soccer ball, you never mark all over my comic books, you never........... :lol: :D


Well-Known Member
Oh shit, you got the official Bliss seal of approval. You're screwed now :lol:


Creeping On You
Yay! Since bliss has a new friend, that means I can add one more to my total by proxy!


Registered Member
Aww, shucks. Thanks Bliss. Thanks fellas.

Let it be known, however, that my death shall not come without a fight.

Dekz: Fear not, I have a high respect for one's personal property.