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Slow startup


New Member
I have a laptop using Vista Home Premium / ie8 combination. Very slow starup - up to 10 minutes - with repeated messages about blocked startup programs. Any advice, please, on how to fix? Thanks.


Well-Known Member
Go to each program that starts up automatically and set them to not start on startup.

There should be an option to make a program start on startup you want to disable this. You might also try checking firewall and unblocking the programs.


AKA Ass-Bandit
A simple way is to use something like Autoruns to see what is set to load automatically upon startup, and then disable them with the same program.

I say simple because when you know how to use it, it's a hell of a lot faster than telling each individual program to not run on startup.


New Member
There could be couple of reasons due to which you might face this problem. The first being, may be your computer is starting up some of the unwanted processes which you need to review and close them if not required. The second being you may be having lesser memory due to which the system starts up slow. The third being the problem with your operating system itself. Since you are running Vista, there are chances that the computer itself is causing you the problem.


aka ginger warlock
One thing you can do but I would not suggest doing this unless you feel completely comfertable with your computer is when you go into the start menu go into the "run" menu, once in run type in "msconfig", it will then bring up a number of tabs, one of them is "startup", this will then show a long list of all items that open when your pc is booted up, you can then stop or start any that you don't want but bare in mind some of them are important so I would be careful stopping things you are not sure about.


New Member
Two days ago my DDR 2Gb crashed and i had to replace it, when i did by the new RAM and installed it my Computer started to move strange. it took forever to start up and when it did, sometimes it would boot into safe mode without me pressing F8...and then sometimes it would shotdown for itself ..what can be causing this, is it the new ram. (Im running Vista 32-bit, on 3Gbs of ram..)


aka ginger warlock
It could be any number of reasons but to be honest I would say it is the amount of ram you are running. Are you running more Ram than you did previously? Your motherboard may simply not support it, one test I would recommend is to instal the ram one stick at a time and see what happens.


Look in the Startup folder to see what is running on startup and if you look on the taskbar to the left of the clock is all the programs that are currently running in the background.

ginock has the right idea and the best advice imho