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Slobbing Days


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Aside from going into town to do a small amount of photography and watch a film today and yesterday I have barely left my house. This afternoon after returning from the cinema I watched the formula one and did very little else. I do think that slobbing days are underrated. The days in your pjs, where you sit on your sofa possibly under you duvet and you don't have to deal with anyone. I do enjoy the saturday afternoon pint don't get me wrong. Sometimes a night on a Saturday night can be thoroughly enjoyable but so can being inside.

What is your idea of a great slob day? Do you enjoy spending them with others or on your own? Do you enjoy watching TV or reading?


Free Spirit
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I've taken a few slobbing days lately even since I caught my son's cold. Haven't been doing much the last few days but napping and watching TV.

Even when well I think its a good idea once in a while to have a slobbing day. I do it from time to time.


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I've been taking several of these unintentionally due to sickness too. Been a full 7 days now and there's still little things really deep down in me around the lung area that I keep having to cough up. Trying to fight through to get some semi-urgent work done too and it's a pain. Completely new reason to fail. More time spent posting here = failure (in general) to me. This time, it was due to catching flu.


Thankfully the last few "slob days" weren't due to illness. I spent the most recent one cuddled up and binging Archer. She had never seen it, so I felt like it was my duty to fix that. Haha.

I generally spend them alone, with a PS4 controller in my hand. But it's nice to change it up once in a while.


I ♥ Haters
What is your idea of a great slob day? Do you enjoy spending them with others or on your own? Do you enjoy watching TV or reading?
Hmmm, my slob days or weekends, I should say, are pretty much always spent with my SO lately, We never get a chance to sleep in together anymore because I'm required to work 4 hours on Saturdays now and he's training for a new job on Sundays which requires him to wake up at 6 am. Gross. But our evenings are pretty much low key - we sit around in our onesies and watch old HBO shows and movies. Occasionally we'll step out for a walk if it's nice out. He cooks, I do the dishes and that's pretty much it. We are wired differently, in the sense that we both need at least an hour to ourselves. In which case, he goes and does his thing on Reddit and I stay downstairs and journal. It's a nice compromise.

If I'm at home (apparently, I'm a nomad now) then I like to spend my slob days cuddled up with my dogs and good book or watching cheesy Lifetime movies with my mum.

Either way, it's win-win.