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Slipknot is one of the best and koolest bands in the whole world. i love their song wait and bleed and vermilion Pt.2


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I never really understood the whole Vermillion doesn't make any sense.

They are an amazing band though, definitely in my top 5/10 of bands. Not sure exactly where, but they're there :heh:

Favourite songs - Spit It Out, Duality, and My Plague.


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I love Slipknot, my fvaorite Band.

All hail vermlion pt. 2, The Nameless, Before I Forget, Snap, and VIRUS OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I like the first part of Vermilion better as well as Before I Forget. Duality is pretty much a given.

I'm not a hardcore fan, but their more well known singles are pretty good.


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I like the songs Eyeless and Wait and Bleed, both off their self-titled album. I usually only listen to them when I'm pissed and want to feel better, or if a friend is pissed and I want to cheer him up. It's hard to stay angry when listening to Slipknot.


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I LOVE listening to Slipknot when I'm angry or upset... something about it makes me feel better than ever, kinda makes me think too... listen closely to the lyrics of some songs, you'll see what I mean