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What do you wear when you go to sleep? Or do you sleep with your day clothes?

I like wearing a loose shirt or a chemise. I have some PJs but I end up removing the bottom. I like my legs to be "free" when I sleep. :lol:


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Anything from tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, to bordies or boxers, or sometimes nothing at all. Depends on the weather and my mood.


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Either shorts or pj's.

I always sleep bare chested, wearing a shirt to bed feels uncomfortable.


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Well it used to be nothing until a water bug decided to scare the every loving shit out of me by finding its way underneath my covers and crawling on me. Now I wear underwear and a tshirt. I really can't stand wearing even that but I don't want that experience again lol


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if its cold I wear pjs
if its warm I wear boxers
if its hot I wear nothing usually. Too hard to sleep.

Other times I'll just be lazy and sleep in day clothes.