Sleeping with People


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And by this, I mean sharing your bed with someone.

Do you mind sharing your bed? Are you one of those people who steals all the blankets and pillows? Do you find it hard to stick to your 'side' of the bed?

I absolutely hate sharing my bed with anyone. I like to be able to stretch out on weird angles so I normally take up my entire bed. I also hate being touched while i'm trying to sleep. I always end up having a really bad nights sleep when there is someone else in the bed. Plus i'm the biggest blanket and pillow hog. I kinda feel sorry for any one who sleeps with me.


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I don't mind too much. When I sleep alone I think I tend to starfish but when someone else is in my bed I share. It's kinda nice having some else's body heat.


the only reason i don't like sharing a bed is because of the noise someone makes when breathing. i want total quietness.
i don't think i'm the kind of person who takes everything for herself lol but i do love sleeping the way i want. moreover i'm used to having wide bed so that i can rotate in whatever way and cover myself as i wish.
i don't know if i hate being touched. [i've never been touched while sleeping - oh and it would depend on who's touching me].

but i def. hate it when the other person takes blankets and pillows. i would kick him/her out of bed.


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I actually sleep better with someone else in the bed. I do try and steal all the blankets but with 6 pillows on my bed it's hard to try and steal all of them.


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I used to sleep in the same bed as my brother for a while back in the day, and I really didn't mind it much.

It's funny because as the older brother you're supposed to move on, but my little bro was like that, and I just wasn't ready to move on hehe.

All in all, not really I don't mind it at all, I think it's always nice to share your bed with someone hehe.


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I love sharing my bed!

Me and my girlfriends always stay in the same bed when we have parties or stay overs! We wouldn't have it any other way!


I'm easy to sleep with though cos I stay in one position and breath really quietly! Haha.


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Hehe one of my friends does it's so funny I'll be peacefully asleep and then all of a sudden I'm freezing to death and being kicked for my trouble lmao!

Aparantly I used to purr in my sleep. Personally if someone I knew did that I would never get to sleep cos I'd be laughing at that all night! Lucky for me I'm always asleep when it happens eh!



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You purr when you sleep?

That's like the cutest thing I've ever heard lol...

The one thing about me when I sleep is that I tend to snore, and pretty loudly, and the whole time I'm like wtf I don't snore...haha


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I didn't use to like sharing the bed with someone, even if that was my then girlfriend. I've shared the same blanket with "just friends" two or three times, and didn't like it either.

But with my current girlfriend, I never had problems sharing the bed, and I even felt better when I shared the bed with her, than sleeping alone. One major reason why I think she's the perfect match. =)