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Sleeping with Friends


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I've heard it said that the quickest way to destroy a friendship is to sleep with one another. That best friends should not do this because things can never be the same. Personally having never done so I am unsure about this, I imagine that it could make things very awkward but I also know couples who would say that their partners are their best friends.

How do you feel?


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It probably depends on your reasons why you slept with each other. Friends or not, I feel that the whole awkwardness of the "day after" lies on the fact that the people involved have different expectations and interpretation. But surely, coming from purely friends status to sexual partner increases intimacy and changes the dynamics in the friendship. It will not be the same but it doesn't always lead to something negative.


You can go from friends to partners but it's hard to go back to friends again if partnership doesn't work out.
In my case, I dated a guy-friend with whom I had been friends for more than 10 years. We dated 3 months and after we broke up we didn't see / talk to each other anymore.

It's hard to pretend like nothing happened...
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I think some people can be friends, have a fling and still be friends afterwards but not many. It does change things even if it was a brief relationship. It might make things awkward in your next relationship if they know.


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Eh, I like to go by the whole "Don't shit where you eat" proverb when it comes to friends and sexual intimacy. A FWB arrangement would never work with me because I'm a trainwreck and I would probably end up developing feelings for said friend, be rejected (because the whole point of FWB is to have a girlfriend without actually being in a committed relationship) and never speak to them again. I have enough drama in my life without that shit in the picture. I don't know, when it comes to my male friends I keep things strictly platonic or at least try to anyways. I've only fallen for 2 friends in my life and both were disasters. Not gonna happen again.


Problematic Shitlord
I feel like at most, 10% of people are prepared to handle sex without baggage or attachment.

I would say because of that, it's good advice. Appreciate your friends and try to realize what they do for you. Don't push it beyond that. If you think the feelings are mutual, go for it but remember you may lose them in the process.


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I can't say I wouldn't sleep with a friend, but it would depend on the circumstances obviously. I do think you run a huge risk at ruining the friendship, so I don't think I'd consider sex with a really good friend unless she and I were really falling for each other.


Yeaaah, no thanks. That is normally gonna end poorly. I don't have a ton of female friends but the ones I do have are really important to me. Sex is cool, but certainly not worth setting those friendships on fire for.
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