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Sleeping with Celebrities


aka ginger warlock
You only have to look on a news stand to see stories of people who have slept with famous people and will do just about anything to get the story out, I have always kind of found that odd because they claim to be disguisted by it but tell them they can make some money about it and they cannot sell it quick enough.

If you were in a bar one night and a celebraty who was just trying to have a normal life in a bar away from the celebraity circuit walked in and either spoke to you or you spoke to them would you sit with them? And if you got on really well and they asked you if you wanted to go to their hotel room (not in a rape way, you a sober and can say no if you wish to) would you do it? Do you think any kind of relationship could come from it? Would you keep it a secret if they asked you too or would you like so many do sell your story to the highest bidder?


Registered Member
No, not just any celebrity. Like if it was Jack Nicholas or Dustin Hoffman. The oldest guy I would be with his Harrison Ford. But if it was Mathew McConaughy or Alex McCormick, hell yeah !!! In a second. I just hope I wouldn't be so star struck that I couldn't be myself or really relax into the experience. Absolutely I would not tell. I love secrets a lot more than having a ton of money.


rainbow 11!
Unless they did something against my will, I would keep it a secret. I like to think I have integrity and why would I screw someone over like that? Hell, depending on who it is, I would probably want a relationship. Not because of their fame, but mostly how well we got on.

I won't lie, if Dianna Agron walked into a bar and we hooked up, I would so want more from that. I think it's disgusting if someone took advantage of their money and fame and used their night as blackmail.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If she was hot, then yes, I would definitely sleep with them. I would sleep with Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears if I had a chance. I would probably double wrap it, but I'd still do it.

I wouldn't go to the papers, but I definitely tell my friends about it....fuck, I just banged a celebrity, definitely not keeping that to myself.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If I met a hot celebrity in a bar and we hit it off, yes I would sleep with him. I wouldn't go to the papers but I wouldn't mind having a few pictures so I could look back on it and remember what a good time I had.


Registered Member
I would (try) to treat them like any other human. I wouldn't sell off personal information for money, I wouldn't avoid them as if they were diseased, etc


Registered Member
I'd deffinetly do it, I'd take photos and show all my mates.
There's no way I'd sell the story unless I was having some financial difficulties, celebrities already have it bad enough with the press following them eveerywhere.


haha...I'm tempted to say that I'd accept Brian Littrell's or Nick Carter's offer.
I have sexual fantasies about them so I guess they would become true once I was asked to join either of them in their hotel room. :lol:

Given that Brian is married then I'd turn down his offer and this would also make me think what a cheater he is and from that moment on I'd respect him less and wouldn't find him as hot as I normally do.
As for Nick, he has just a girlfriend so I might consider going to his hotel room.

To be really honest, I wouldn't feel okay with either of them because they have a partner and I wouldn't like to ruin a marriage/relationship.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Like Elly if they're married or in a relationship that pretty much disqualifies them for me...but I think that if I was asked to hang out at a club with one I definitely would and have a good time. If asked to go back to a hotel (and she's single) it would really be tough to pass up. I think I'd go for it as long as she's someone sane and sexy, not crazy and shriveled up from drugs like Bizzy's picks :)lol:). If something builds from it on an emotional level sure, that would be cool. But I wouldn't do anything secretive, I've got more self-respect than that.


No Custom Title Exists
Negative. I think that there is something about them regardless of how good looking they are, I wouldn't do it because for me they are in a whole different world and out of my league. Think about it, Hollywood isn't on Earth, it's a different world where celebrities only marry celebrities and then there's us..
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