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Sleeping problems and waking up problems!


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Just recently left my job, still waiting to hear back from a new one. However I have got into the habit of going to bed really late.. im talking 5.00am late. Then I end up waking up at 2.00pm. I keep telling myself that this will be the night that I will relax and go to sleep early to sort out my sleeping pattern.. This doesn't happen and I end up telling myself that I will just get up a few hours earlier the next day so that I will be tired for the following night. This doesn't happen either as I just cant seem to get myself up, regardless of an alarm or not!

I really hate this sleeping pattern but feel I cant get out of it.. has anyone got any advice for making yourself tired, or for making yourself actually get up in the morning.. Thanks guys.


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The best thing to probably do is just take a little extra Niquil really early so it makes you tired earlier. I have the same problem, but mine is because I'm too stubborn to stop playing playstation into the weeee hours of the night.

Just trying laying down and just shutting everything off. That's usually the thing that works for me.


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I have pretty much the same sleeping pattern as you, except I usually have to get up for something in the morning. I don't mind that much since I don't need a lot of sleep anyway, but the problem with me is I tend to shut off my alarm whilst half asleep and then be late for everything.

Anyway, so far, the only thing I've found helps with getting up is natural zeitgebers. I leave my curtains open when I go to bed, and when I wake up, the sunlight really does make me get up more easily. Not just light, but temperature too. I like to fall asleep whilst it's cold, but I often put my radiator on shortly before going to bed because I find it a lot easier to get up in the morning if my room isn't cold.

I can't give tips for the getting to sleep part though - haven't figured that one out myself yet, haha.


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Thanks guys, its a bit late for me to try the getting to sleep one now, but il deffo try the waking up advice for the morning!


I'm the one who usually ends up sleeping around 5am but I also have to wake up at 9am.
I think you should exercise 2 hours before going to sleep. It makes you feel tired.


Creeping On You
Excersise helps me sleep I find. Also, what I did when I got into a pattern like that. I stayed awake for as long as I could, like 24 hours. You feel brutal, but then you can goto bed at a normal time and actually fall asleep. Then just get a really loud alarm to wake you up and force yourself outta bed.


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Try and maintain an eating habit as well. The body likes routine.

Also free yourself from distraction, if you cant sleep dont turn the TV on or jump on the internet.

...also despite my last comment about distraction, reading can put your mind in the right frame to sleep. Obviously nothing to engrossing but read a chapter or two before going to sleep.


reading can put your mind in the right frame to sleep. Obviously nothing to engrossing but read a chapter or two before going to sleep.
That is true.
Moreover, I'd recommend you to read something boring so that you will fall asleep faster.
If the story is interesting to you, you won't sleep until you finish it so finding something unattractive to read...puts your mind in the sleep mode.
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