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Sleeping patterns.


Registered Member
I like a lot of sleep, so even though I don't start work until the afternoon, I hate having to get up. I'm definitely more of a night person.


Registered Member
I don't think that insomnia defines my sleeping patterns. I never have a blistful rest and if I only wake up once during the night that'd be a miracle.


Registered Member
My sleeping pattern is f.u.b.a.r,some nights i get lucky and get four or five hours interrupted sleep,some nights only two hours.

It was cool when the kids were born though,all the night feeding and changes were easy because i would be awake anyway.

My ex loved that especially when our boy was born,she would be shattered by the time i got home from work,having looked after the three of them,she would be tucked up in bed by 9 every night.
I guees the longer your sleep pattern is screwed up the more you get used to not needing the full 8 hours of sleep.


New Member
I think the internet has had a part to play in weird sleeping patterns. There's been some nights where I've stayed up really late even when I knew I had to be up in the morning.

But probably the most damaging are the days where I sleep in til 4pm. Those days really screw up your sleeping patterns.
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