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Sleeping patterns.


Registered Member
Does anyone suffer with bad sleeping patterns. I find that every sunday night I carn't sleep. I don't know if it's because i have work the folling morning and a little scared i'll be late :mad:


New Member
I have random episodes where I cant sleep, I am in the middle of one now as well, past few days I have been staying awake till like 2am and work starts at like 6-8am depending. Must just have a lot on my mind.


Boom Boom Pow!
Im not really one for suffering from bad sleep patterns, im a pretty straighfoward sleeper...i go to sleep and wake up...dont wake up in the middle of the night.. but sometimes i do have sleepless nights and the only explination i can come up with is that i have something on my mind each time i cant get to sleep....or im too hot/cold or something.


Sally Twit
I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Sometimes I'll stay up until 3am and then only go to sleep until 9am. Other times I'll go to bed at 9pm and not wake up until 12pm the next day. I am a bit of a random sleeper.


Registered Member
If i know i'm up early then i struggle to get to sleep, think it's to do with knowing i need to get to sleep that keeps me awake, over active mind i suppose.


Registered Member
I go through waves of sleep. One will be a big wave of napping maybe 2-3 hours or less a night, then the wave will crash down and i'll sleep 14 or so hours at a time. I can't just have a normal sleep.


yellow 4!
insomniac, nuff said :hi:

i go through phases of not wanting to sleep all night so i just do something else instead and then go to sleep at my normal time the following night.

normal time being somewhere between 4-5am usually

i'd say your difficulty sleeping on sundays will be to do with starting work the next day, yeah...


scientia potestas est
I tend to sleep on a more regular schedule during the semester and when working. But lately since I'm on vk I will stay up till 3 or so and sleep till 11. I need to usually read a book until my eyes droop or I will lie awake thinking all night.
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