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Sleep Patterns


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I used to get at least 9-10 hours of sleep every night, but now I'm down to 6-7 hours. More time for me to spend here. Yay!


To the OP: I tend to have a strange sleep pattern. Sometimes I'll go to bed at 4PM or sometimes it's 4 AM. It never stays the same for long.

I believe my pattern is all out of whack is because I usually have a sugary snack before I go to bed. I might have a candy bar or PB&J and thus can't fall asleep due to my brain being wired with sugar.
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I sleep for about 5-6 hours on Sunday-Wednesday and I sleep for about 13 hours on Thursday - Saturday.


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Do you think that 8 hours is the amount required? Or could you get by on less?


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On weekends I sleep in till 2pm, due staying up late. School days, sleep around 10, wake up at 7.
I just couldn't do that. It's like wasting time you could be using doing other things. I stay up late for school but I still get up by 9 on weekends.
Do you think that 8 hours is the amount required? Or could you get by on less?
Well, the average American gets 6 hours of sleep regularly, for me it's 6-7, sometimes 8. I think you can get by fine on less, but you may be a little more drowsy than those that get 8 hours+
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In the context of body building and working out, sleep is vital. Without a essential 8-9 hours of sleep a night, one's gains of muscle will crash and metabolism will slow to a crawl. Besides feeling like crap, and thinking like crap, you'll end up looking like crap if you don't get enough sleep.


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Doing any kind of lengthy excercise and you will likely notice the need for sleep more though, no?? Personally i find that it depends on how my day has been. I find that after work, the gym or even just a day out with my friends and lots of activities im always in need of bed by 11 - 12. That normally has me awake by 7 or 8 the next morning. If for some reason i've hardly been out or done anything i tend to stay up either untill the early hours of the morning, or i decide its not worth going to sleep at all because i'll miss most of the day and i stay up untill about 8pm and then just have an early night.


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I usually get about 6-7 hours. Sometimes I'll just wake up really early and not be able to fall back to sleep though.


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Do you think that 8 hours is the amount required? Or could you get by on less?
Maybe it's like water - even if they have 8 glasses/day rule out there, it depends on your activity and body. I get by with 4hr sleeps (sometimes they're shorter) - it's what I've been doing for years Comes with mommyhood. I do appreciate when I can sleep longer from time to time (like the other day).