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  1. What do you guys think about slavery? I think slavery is completely wrong because it's not right to make a person of a afro American race slave for you. Also, if you beat them for not doing the work correctly id just completely wrong. The white people paid a lot of money for the slaves and to them it's valuable because they paid a lot of money. Any way you shouldn't be able to buy people. Besides that I think that slavery is very wrong.

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    Um...kind of an exhausted issue here. Yes, obviously, I think it was wrong. Any sane/moral person would. I really don't have anything else to say about tarnished our[both America and the white race] history.
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    I'm not trying to offend you or anything, but this is a really ignorant post. People of african american race were not the only ones who were enslaved. In fact African Americans actaully owned white people. Just about every race was, in fact, enslaved during that time period. However, for some reason people just assume that only "African Americans" were enslaved.

    As far as slavery itself goes. I really don't agree with it; I mean I really do think free will is possibly the most important thing a person can have. I mean I guess servitude is fine, because in most cases thats done by choice. I just don't agree with the practice of splitting up families and auction them off. Plus the treatment of them was just awful, well, the majority treated them like crap.

    So yeah slavery is bad, but it didn't just happen to the African Americans.
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    Everyone was a slave what I mean by that is any culture, not just African Americans, and it's ashame that it did happened and I do not agree with it, also I am very glad that's their's hardly anymore.
  5. There are still around 2 million or so people that are still enslaved.
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    Speaking of ignorant post;
    "African Americans" didn't own slaves, ev4r.

    The africans basically enslaved other africans. I haven't completedvigorous research, so I'm not going to argue there weren't whites/asians/native americans/austraillians/japanese/etc. enslaved as well, but I've never heard such a thing. many african slaves were being punished - imprisoned/enslaved for committing foul acts, and forced to repay their debts to society.
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    I've meet people where their poor Irish American ancestors were slaves for rich African Americans, so there were African American slaveholders.
  8. Yes they did own slaves. How you've never heard of other cultures being enslaved is beyond me, you just need to do some research, and africans sold there fellow people into slavery anyway. African Americans were not the only group that has ben enslaved for commiting foul acts, etc.
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    Not all slaves were enslaved for crimes either, many whites were enslaved in the early days to pay back their debts for the ride to America.
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    If you wish to make this sound a little better you could have tied in the human trafficiking that is happening today all over the world. More so young ladies then men but they are still being kidnapped and bought by people over the world to be sold into harems or as sex slaves or whatever the person buying wants them to be. I mean being torn away from your life to fatten someone else's pockets is always wrong. And to degrade a human being no matter the race age religious belief lifestyle choice however is plain disgusting....

    I personally would like to see it gone.. but as long as there are people who allow it or use it as a way to get rich its something that is going to continue to be inevitable

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