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    Watching these NBA playoffs, I've noticed a difference between certain types of players, particulary between guards and swingmen. I heard a couple analysts say that A.I. and 'Melo are "volume shooters." That means they get their points by taking a lot of shots. It seems as if volume shooters are directly correlated to slashers, guys that can drive to the basket. The thing is, a lot of slashers aren't great percentage shooters, particularly from 3-pt range. Look at the entire Warriors team. They have a lot of guys that can get to the hoop and create their own shots but they aren't consistent shooters. They're streaky shooters, which is part of why they play up-tempo and take so many shot. The Suns play a similar style but they're more successful because their shooters are better. Plus Nash is usually setting them up for open looks. Great shooters aren't generally as adept at ball-handling as slashers. Guys like Reggie Miller and Rip Hamilton run through screens to get open. Players such as Ray Allen and Jason Terry are catch-and-shoot guys. Contrast that with guys like LeBron and Wade who can get to the basket at will but aren't great shooters (Wade does have a decent mid-range game but not much happening from 3-pt range for him). I personally think it's better to be a pure slasher than a pure shooter. Slashers can get hot from the field at times plus they can work on their jumper in the offseason. Having that driving ability is not as easily taught. Think about how much better MJ got when his jump shot became more consistent. I think Kobe and T-Mac are two of the best toady when it comes to having a good balance between slashing ability and shooting ability. Thoughts on this concept anyone?

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    I totally agree, you said a perfect example for catch up shooters, Terry and Allen wait for the past and then shoots it. Carter is like a trailer for the Nets, he doesn't run has much as the other players and he trails the play, but when he does that he always has a open shot and he usally makes it. But he also drives to the net as well. See I believe that Carmelo and IVerson are great shooters, but because they take so many shots they'll have a bad shooting percentage, but lets say they take 13 shots or less in a game then there shooting percentage would be considered good. That's the difference.
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    Well watching the Warriors lately, I've noticed Baron Davis is pretty much a slasher as well as a shooter. :scared:
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    Baron Davis is a scary player when healthy. He can shoot the lights out and he can drive to the rim and score, and he's a good rebounder and we all know that he's an amazing passer. So I agree with you Oxy he's a little bit of both, he's a special player, it's just ashame that he's injury prone.

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