SLAM: Defense Still the Nets Critical Need



SLAM's Jake Appleman has seen enough games at the Meadowlands--and eaten enough of Gary Sussman's media meals--to qualify as a Nets expert. But his recounting of the Nets' problems is pretty much plain vanilla: He cites a lack of perimeter defense, poor offense upfront particularly now without Krstic, and inconsistency from the rooks. Blow it up? Nah, he says, let's wait a bit and see what they can do.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The Nets defense isn't all that good I would have to agree, there offense is not to bad, it's just the Nets haven't been healthy this season, and it has hurted them a lot in the win column. There's a lot of rumours that Vince or RJ maybe even J Kidd will get traded, but I believe they should keep them all, because they play in the easiest division in the NBA, and anything can happen.