Skye leopard man changes his spot


"There can be only one!"

A man made famous for his leopard-spot tattoos has left his life in the wild for the comfort of a one-bedroom house.
For the past 20 years, Tom Leppard, known as the Leopard Man of Skye, has lived in a remote bothy under a roof made from plastic sheeting.
The cabin, on a stretch of shoreline near Kyleakin, had no electricity or furniture and he had to canoe three miles for his weekly shopping.
Mr Leppard, 73, said: "I'm getting too old for that kind of life."
The London-born pensioner said he was slowly adjusting to his new life in Broadford, on Skye.
"It's certainly very strange being surrounded by four walls and a roof but I'll get used to it," he said.
"I'm getting bits of furniture together all the time and I'm getting used to sleeping in a bed at night - it's certainly more comfortable than I'm used to and electricity is very convenient."

When you're covered in leopard tattoos you certainly get noticed - I became a bit of a tourist attraction on Skye
Tom Leppard
Mr Leppard, who spent £5,500 covering his body in leopard-like spots, was the world's most tattooed man - a crown he held until recently.
In his crumbling previous home, he cooked on a gas stove and slept on a bed made from blocks of polystyrene and foam.
He said: "I had to canoe to Kyle once a week for shopping and it was getting too hard for me - I was one big wave away from disaster. It's a pretty nasty stretch of water."
He described how a friend with a boat offered to take him off a few weeks ago.
"I just decided there and then to go," he said, "I packed what kit I could into black bin liners and that was it."
The ex-special forces soldier said he had no regrets about his hermit lifestyle.
He said: "I've loved every minute and when you're covered in leopard tattoos you certainly get noticed - I became a bit of a tourist attraction on Skye."
However, Mr Leppard said his bothy days were behind him and he was looking forward to relaxing a bit more "Everyone's been very friendly since I moved in and I'll just settle for the quiet life now," he added.

Story from BBC NEWS:
I actually sat next to hiom on a coach from Glasgow to Skye when I was about 11 years old... he doesn't really have the kind of face you could forget.

I remember in another interview from years ago, he said he wanted to move back into civilisation because of his age, but he was afraid of not being accepted. He's currently living next door to Tony the Tiger.
They have a Grrrrrrrrrrreat time.
It's weird seeing old(er) people with tattoos. It just doesn't look right. >.<;

Well, I wish him the best, and from what he said it's going pretty good so far.