Skiles Already Impressed With Sefolosha


Sultan of Swat
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Chicago Tribune - Coach Scott Skiles watched Thabo Sefolosha in person for the first time Thursday night in Bulls mini-camp and came away impressed, the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

The Bulls acquired Sefolosha in a draft night deal with the Philadelphia 76ers .

"He stood out in last night's practice," Skiles said of the guard from Switzerland after Friday's workout. "He has a lot of nice things he can do."

Skiles liked the way Sefolosha passed and penetrated.

"Thabo has one thing going for him," Skiles said. "He already has played professionally, much like when [Andres Nocioni] came over here. He has a lot of experience."

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i didnt really know if this guy was fo real but i sound like it so good to hear thx fo posting this b