Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Nuckas?? Oh well anyway welcome to Central Fusion Tony! I do Hope u enjoy ur stay here and have fun and make alot of new friends and as a welcoming gift u get this*hands a bag of chocolate*Oh and here for ur understanding for the human language is kinda laking and ur gonna need for when u debate with this ppl who use big words*hands a dictionary*>>; But anyway do post alot and I hope u make a great edition to the forums!


For a Free Scotland
Big words? That's an utterly farcical notion in itself!

Hey, hope you have fun, don't eat all that chocolate at once, it's Kyo-strength *shudders at its sheer power*.



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the forums, my friend, hopefully you'll become a big member here at Central Fusion, enjoy yourself.