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Skeleton found during construction


rainbow 11!
JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A contractor clearing land along Kernan Boulevard near Beach unearthed some possible human remains.

The back hoe operator uncovered what investigators believe is a human skull and other bones at the scene.

Homicide detectives were called to the scene early in the afternoon Thursday to investigate. "We will take our time and look at every aspect of what could have happened out here," said Sgt. T.K. Waters of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. There is no telling how long the remains have been in that area.

Forensic investigators arrived on the scene late in the afternoon to continue the work.

The area where the remains were found are part of the new Beach Kernan Interchange now under construction.


They found a wallet near the body. (This article was written not long after they found the body and they found the wallet later on.)

Apperently it might be this guy that went missing three years ago. He was supposed to testify for this murder he had witnessed. On the day he was supposed to go in front of the judge, he went missing.

What's a real kick in the ass for me is that it might be my friend's uncle.
Damn! Sorry to hear that.

Was it gang related? Cuz that is something that would happen to cover a homie's ass....I'm sorry it happened to your friend's uncle tho! I hate gangs now....


rainbow 11!

I think he was a cop or something. I don't know if it was gang related.
Well, then it could have been any type of criminal....criminals in general hate cops...to be honest I do, but that's for a different reason...


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He probably commited suicide because he probably didn't want to testify on the court. or maybe someone killed him so he doesn't say the truth.


rainbow 11!
He volunteered. He came to the police and said he wanted to.