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I was just wondering if you have a skatepark near you? We just recently got one and it is nice to go and not have to worry about someone yelling and screaming about your skateboarding. I am not very good but my oldest son is getting into it so it just is nice to have a place to take him.


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Staff member
There is nothing around here as far as I know. There are some places that would be fun to go skateboarding but it is definitely illegal. ;)


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Wow, I am surprised living in a bigger city you don't have one yet. I live in a smaller city and they decided to have one built to keep the kids off of private property.


New Member
There are tons of parks here in Central Ohio, ranging from "world-class" to "it's better than nothing". I could hit a different park every day without having to go more than 20 or thirty miles. Too bad school will be out in a few more weeks - it's nice having the place to myself on weekday mornings...


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There are 5 skateparks within thirty minutes from where I live.

I skate at least four maybe 5 times per week. Recently though one of the skate parks closed and another burned down.


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I have a skatepark like 20 minutes away from me
and two others about an hour away
which you could easily get the train to