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Does anyone on GF skateboard? I'm trying to start, my cousins gave me a new deck with some used trucks and wheels.

I can ride around easy enough, I still can't ollie though. :lol:

There aren't many places to skate where I live, you have to go a few towns over..


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I used to skate when I was younger, but I dont do it anymore. I wasnt very good at it to be honest. I could ride around town on it and do a few ollies but that's about it. I wouldnt be able to now after a few years of not doing it.


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This trick is taught by the master himself.
Trust me Tony Hawk is not the master. Rodney Mullen is :D:D

I've recently started to skateboard again. I stopped a year ago since I didn't have the time to do it. Now I bought a new deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, the whole package and I really enjoy it :D I seem to have a little problem though, the noise the skate makes when I ride it is very loud. I have no idea if it's the wheels or if I have bearings which are too hard. Does anybody here know why my skate does this?


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Trust me Tony Hawk is not the master. Rodney Mullen is :D:D
True!! Tony Hawk's has a hand in popularizing the sport, but Rodney Mullen is definitely a master, the man practically invented flatland tricks - Kickflip, Kick Underflip, Airwalk, 180 Kickflip, Heelflip, Darkslide etc etc. His trick list goes on and on. The only other person who comes close and has revolutionized skateboarding is probably Daewon Song. I used to skateboard a lot back in high school. :D I took some time away from it after I broke my wrist (in an unrelated accident.)