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~Lucky 13 strikes again~


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You'll have to let us know how it goes. Are you thinking of starting something up? Thought you were busy enough as it is. :)


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So did you end up getting this. I seen that it had ended. I think it would be good to try. I mean it couldn't hurt. I am not good at all when it comes to business so this would be something for me.
This sounds like it would be good for someone who wants to start up their own business, but doesn't have enough knowledge on their own to do so. It actually seems like a pretty neat idea. Did you end up getting it? I'm wondering what sorts of things were in the zip file.


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I like that one a wife with a great job. Did anyone happen to see the other one on their for the bowling alley I belive it was for?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
The best business plan for opening a skate shop is to have a wife with a great job. Or, get ready to survive on Ramen noodles!
Got that. Did that. Now I want to try this..Yes I did buy it.

It looks real good. It covers all the aspects for opening a skate shop. Even manufacturers contacts, Bank loan forms, Bank mission statements, the whole ball of wax. Everything you need, except the money.

Thai has taken out alot of the work. Fill in the blanks and presto! Off to the bank you go.
I'm thinking about putting up Batman #1 to do it! :-o

Hell I had a killer run in the 90's with my comic and toy shops and with the prop and toy making too. I managed to stash a bit away.

Now i'm ready for something new that i can call my own.

I have a name too..~Urban Wave skate shop~

I don't want to have to go to the bank for a loan, I will sell off some of the cool goodies that I have collected over time. It's just stuff..
I can get more stuff. ;)