sixth, seven and eight spots..


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There's a lot of teams in the east that are battling to make the playoffs:

Montreal Canadiens
Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Islanders
Carolina Hurricanes
New York Rangers
Tampa Lightning

Now I was wondering who you guys think are going to make the final three spot to make the playoffs and why?


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The Isles have a game in hand, so if they win they're tied for 8th. DiPetro is otherwise incapacitated, but I still think they're a much stronger team than the mediocre Leafs and the faltering Canes. The Rangers are too strong to get left out, and I can't see the Canadiens missing the playoffs and ever living it down.


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Well im a huge Leafs fan but as much as I hate to say it they are inconsistant in big games and they seemingly have not reached their level of top play that they can so they will be gone. The Isles have an ace in the hole with Dipetro which I never thought I'd say but I can see them getting that 8th spot in the east. Tampa Bay is well off with their top guns and their dept players so I can see them getting sixth because they have the skill and are well able to get it. The Habs can't seem to keep a good run together and they seem to faulter to much to get one of the last spots. So that leaves the Canes and the Rangers and I can't see the Canes being put out just because they were the champs last year and they still have a good team and one that can outlast the rest and make the playoffs. The Rangers had their chance but an injury marked season kept them down and they didn't recover and I doubt they will land a birth.


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I believe that the Lightning will get the sixth spot, the big three are simply amazing and they can put the puck in the net at will. The seventh spot will go to the Rangers, they're really hot right now especially there goaltender. Then the eight spot will go to the Canadiens, they've been playing really well of late(except yesterday) and players like Kovalev and Plekanec has picked up there game, and Huet is back from injury so should be close but I believe they'll edge the Leafs. It would be really interesting if it came up to the last game of the season where MTL faces the Leafs.


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I don't know about the Habs getting the last spot. The Leafs are playing great as of late and they have a game in hand. If they can beat Pittsburgh tonight and take the Habs it will be a good sign to see because the Leafs not in the playoffs is horrible (IMO). If the Leafs can continue to keep playing well at the ACC they can become a playoff contender and they have had success against the Sabres this year so a 1-vs-8 type series might not scare them.


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THE RANGERS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS...WHAT A GAME TO BE AT....the Habs played poorly and i hope if they make it they go with Huet cause Halak is not the hype people make him.


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One last spot left for grabs and three teams. All three teams have a storied back ground and all deserve to be in the playoffs but only one will make it in. The next couple of days will be huge , The best time to step up is now and if a team has an off game their year is over. No team can afford a slip up.

The Isles have a hard time as they already start behind the eight ball. They need to win their last two games to get in and one of those will be against the very diffucult Devils while the other should be a gimme game against the Flyers. If they can win that everybody will be tuning in Sunday night to see who's in and who's out.

The Leafs need a huge win tomorrow night and if they can avoid OT then they have some hope , Otherwise they are gone anyway. They along with the Habs need to see either the Flyers or the Devils help out and take a win from the Isles. The Leafs center their hopes around goalie Andrew Raycroft , He plays good and the team will have a shot but if he don't they are gone.

The Habs if they start Huet will be taking a huge chance , A goalie who has not played in so long starting in the biggest game of their year. The Habs just need to force OT and they will be in providing the Isles lose one of two games.

Either way Saturday and Sunday will have no shortage of action. On a side note , GO LEAFS GOOOOO!