Six Nations: The Bookies


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Now, I know there's already a Six Nations thread, but I wanted to take the opportunity to do two things.

One: set up a possible wager/betting scheme.

Two: post the timetable and other information of the games.

Concerning the betting scheme, depending on the popularity of this idea, the basis will be to pick your favourite team to win, then place a bet on that team. Alternatively, the other scheme would involve betting on individual games, albeit for smaller bets. Although, both schemes could be followed simultaneously, of course.

However, the bets will be purely with chips - no real money will be won, lost, or bet within this scheme, and is purely for fun. The easiest (and safest) way to do this would be to 'donate' the chips to a trustworthy individual, then after the games the winnings are 'donated' back to the victor/s. I'd be more than happy to play the role of the bookie, but that's up to the majority of those placing the bets. I wouldn't want anyone to think of a 'scandal'.

For those who have no knowledge about the Six Nations, it's a rugby game with (yep, you guessed it) Six Nations involved. Here's some general info:

Teams (in no particular order):


The Timetable:

(Kick off times in GMT)

Saturday 7th February

England Vs. Italy - 3.00pm kick off - Twickenham Stadium
Ireland Vs. France - 5.00pm kick off - Croke Park Stadium

Sunday 8th February

Scotland Vs. Wales - 3.00pm kick off - Murrayfield Stadium

Saturday 14th February

France Vs. Scotland - 3.00pm kick off - Stade de France
Wales Vs. England - 5.30pm kick off - Millennium Stadium

Sunday 15th February

Italy Vs. Ireland - 2.30pm kick off - Stadio Flaminio

Friday 27th February

France Vs. Wales - 8.00pm kick off - Stade de France

Saturday 28th February

Scotland Vs. Italy - 3.00pm kick off - Murrayfield Stadium
Ireland Vs. Englad - 5.30pm kick off - Croke Park Stadium

Saturday 14th March

Italy Vs. Wales - 3.00pm kick off - Stadio Flaminio
Scotland Vs. Ireland - 5.00pm kick off - Murrayfield Stadium

Sunday 15th March

England Vs. France - 3.00pm kick off - Twickenham Stadium

Saturday 21st March

Italy Vs. France - 1.15pm kick off - Stadio Flaminio
England Vs. Scotland - 3.30pm kick off - Twickenham Stadium
Wales Vs. Ireland - 5.30pm kick off - Millennium Stadium

I know that I, for one, will be betting on Wales, so hopefully enough people will get involved to get this thing going, so 'sign up' here!

[Any suggestions/feedback would also be appreciated.]


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I bet France will win the Six Nations championship.

If they don't I will change my username to English-Gay-Boy for a month.

If I win I will get an ego boost.


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Three! Keep 'em coming.

Remember - bets won't be made until we have enough people to get it interesting/worth the effort. If and when we do, a new thread will be made for bets to be posted and donated.
I take it there's no-one else interested?

The first game has begun, England Vs. Italy.
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Count me in.

I don't think you need to start a new thread anyway. We can just use this one as our betting (anything related to it) and timetable thread. And we should use the other existing one for the discussion of games and other predictions not related to our bets.


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That wasn't part of the original deal, but I'll acquiesce for Gayos as my user title thing instead of "The Destroyer" for one month.

So, I take it there'll be no betting? :-/ How's this going to work?


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Are we doing a match bet too or just over all winner of the Six Nations? I'm not following the current game so I'll pass.

Is there a minimum/maximum bet? If no one bets against me and I win, will you pay me Chaos?

For the France vs Ireland later, I'll bet 50 chips (FRA win).