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  1. Revolution

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    I'm in a little situation right now. (I would create my own thread for it but I don't feel it's necessary as it kind of relates to this topic)

    Basically, this girl told me she liked me about 3-4 months ago, and we'd been close friends for a while. I didn't know what to do/say at the time as I wasn't sure whether I liked her in that way. The more and more we spoke to each other, the more she grew on me. She was in a situation where she wanted to spend a lot of time with her cousin as her aunty had died (her cousins mum) and this kind of affected things between us, as her cousin was, obviously, her main priority.

    She then went on to tell me that she 'didn't know what she wanted', yet not so long before (a couple of days - if that) she was telling me how much she liked me. She told me to move and said I don't deserve all this. We tried not speaking as much in attempt to 'move on'. We were arguing quite a lot, over needless, petty, little things, and I asked her how she could suddenly go from liking me to 'not knowing what she wants'. I then went to a bonfire on bonfire night where she also went, but I was talking to this other girl. This other girl likes me (or so I've been told from her best mates), and we were speaking a lot the other night, and things have progressed since then. We've started speaking more and more lately and I think I'm moving on from the other girl who I was close to going out with before. However, I told her that I was moving on and said that I was happy getting to know this other girl. She accused me of 'leading her on' and called me a dickhead... She's been a proper arse about everything, though, and I've lost all respect that I had for her - and it was the level of respect I had for her that made me be honest with her. I'm starting to like this other girl as we talk more but I really don't know what to do.


    I posted the above a couple of days back in another thread but I didn't get any replies. Anyway, I thought making a new thread could maybe lure some of you in to offering some suggestions/advice on what to do.

    Me and the 'new girl' - so to speak - have progressed since my last post. My mum and dad were away so she came round to my house last night, and we're going to the cinema tomorrow...

  2. EllyDicious

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    so, what thoughts are you looking for?

    i guess you don't know what you want either. you jump from one girl that says she likes you to another one that says she likes you as well..and if another girl that may seem to like you pops up, you'll jump on her as well...and so on.

    you don't have to get into a relationship just because a girl says she likes you. what you feel also matters but seems that what you feel depends on if they like you or not and how much they like you.

    i'm not sure what you want to know from us now ...
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  3. Revolution

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    Comments such as this are helpful. I don't think I worded my post too well. I know it seems like that, but it isn't like that at all. I did like this girl, but she treat me like **** and basically lead me on and then decided to have the cheek to say I lead her on. It's not as if I was looking for 'another girl' after things had f***** up with her, it just so happened that this other girl came along...

    She's growing on me, too. But I want to be friends with the other girl but she seems to think I'm a ***** so I doubt that'll happen any time soon. It might seem confusing on here, but I'm mates with a few of hers, and I've explained the situation and they say I've done nothing wrong - they're girls, too.

    I don't really know what replies I'm wanting to be honest. I guess I posted it more because I needed to get it off my chest, and you can all have your opinion on my actions/the situation etc.
  4. c0cktailFuri0s

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    I'm with Elidicious on this one. Take your time and just be open with your communication. If you are confused, say so. Remember most upset comes from an expectation that has not been fulfilled. Did you set up with the other girl that you are dating other people as well as her? If not, then she COULD get upset when she sees you flirting with other girls.
  5. Vidic15

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    Forget about the other girl that you saw at the bonfire. Go for the one you are most close with and don't be forced into a relationship because she 'likes' you. If it never works out, plenty fish in the sea.
  6. EllyDicious

    EllyDicious made of AMBIGUITY V.I.P. Lifetime

    if she thinks you're an asshole then why bother trying to be friends with her?
    maybe she doesn't deserve your friendship. so move on because the way she's been treating you means she's not worth your try.
  7. TheMaster

    TheMaster Registered Member

    If she don't want your attention, then so be it.
    Ignore her and she will beg for your attention.
    Either way she sounds like a bitch!
    Stay with the girl you like.
  8. Merc

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    She definitely sounded confused about what she wanted but here's a big question:

    Did you tell this girl you were moving on or did you just start chatting up this other chick? If you did, you're the asshole here because a decent human being would have at least told her. Otherwise, this girl just sounds like she didn't pick up the ball when it was thrown into her court. You don't need a girl that's going to drag you around like that and carry so much baggage on top of being so indecisive. Just be respectful and move on.
  9. Revolution

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    She advised me to move on because I didn't 'deserve all this', and when I told her I was moving on and starting talking more to this other girl she said 'there's no need for that' and stuff like that. How could I do anything right? I was trying to be reasonable about it all, and asked if we could be friends, and she replied 'No we can't :)'. She can **** off for all I care now. I did respect her, but I've lost all that now, after what's she's done/how she's acted...

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