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Site for Direct linking


New Member
I am looking for a site that will allow me to upload a file and then directly link to the FILE.

I have found several places where i can upload my files, but these places (filefactory.com for example) don't seem to allow direct linking to files, (although it seems from the FAQ that it allows that. but how??)

So, I've tried making a webpage with GeoCities.com, but they have a maximum hourly download of 4.2 MB, and the file i want to link to is larger than that. And I've tried Live Spaces, but they don't allow you to set up files on the webpage (it seems only photos), only links to files (and i haven't put up any files yet to link to; that is exactly what I'm looking for)

so, how can i put up files and directly link to them, without having to buy a domain name?



Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Your best bet is to find one of those cheap build-your-own web site places that gives you 50-200ish megs for free, and just upload and link to your files from that. I've been doing it for years with 100megsfree.com.