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Sitcom fans gather and warm yourselves!


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I'm a big fan of several Sitcoms. The ones I like (In order) are:

1. Seinfeld - Almost every episode is hilarious. I can't get enough of it, even though I'm sure I've seen 99% of the episodes if not all of them. I watch the reruns fairly religiously. I don't think I have to explain why I like this show though. I'm sure everybody here has seen it and can relate.

2. King of Queens - Lately this has taken up most of my time spent watching TV. I think it's funnier than Seinfeld in many cases. It's still running and going strong, so I will probably rank it higher than Seinfeld by the time it's over. If you haven't watched it, it's a MUST SEE. If you watch it and don't like it, give it a few more tries. Like any sitcom it has it's good and bad episodes. Everybody in it is absolutely hilarious.

3. Frasier - Total classic. I haven't seen nearly as many of these as I'd like to, but that's a good thing too because it means I have plenty left to watch for the first time. :) It's a very unique show that really takes "situational humor" to the next level.

4. Everybody Loves Raymond - Great show. Great cast. I've met Patricia Heaton before and talked with her for a while. She is really cool and much nicer in real life than she is in the show. ;) The only thing that bugs me about this show is that sometimes the kids are bad actors, but that's easily justified and easy to ignore once you realize that most kid actors are bad. :) I find it strange that the kids are hardly in the show anyway, yet I think they have 3 or 4 of them LOL! Unlike Home Improvement or Full House where the kids were in almost every episode. Anyway, great show. Sad to see it end last year but it had a great run.

Those are my top four, and only sitcoms I have watched for the past few years.


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I have watched king of queens before. I LOVE IT! I don't get to see it as often as I used to. I just don't have time for T.V. much anymore. I have always thought it was a pretty funny show. It's more reality funny lol if you know what I mean.


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I don't know if this falls under sitcoms, but it's definitely not reality TV: "Prison Break"...I am SO addicted to that show. I never miss an episode!

As for funny sitcoms, I've watched King of Queens quite a bit. I used to watch the Simpsons, but always something going on when it's on now. And Roseanne...definite fan!


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My list:

1 - Yes Dear

2 - Becker

3 - King of Queens

4 - Spin City

5 - Dharma and Greg

6 - Raymond

7 - Seinfield

8 - Friends

9 - Home Improvement

And those are just ones off the top of my head. Obviously I don't watch all of them all the time, they're just a rough order of my being a fan of the shows.

Also, I'm not going to talk about the shows because I don't want to risk using a swear word in reference to any of the characters (even though they're just made up TV characters by screenwriters who probably wouldn't give a crap one way or the other what we say about them).

And on a related note....