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TV Sister Wives Blows


Registered Member
I know somebody had a thread about this before, but it's long gone...so here I am, starting this new one.
I watched this show tonight.
Actually sat on my sofa, and it was like a marathon....one show right after another.
I am still in awe.
I tried to understand......but I can't fathom the idea of ONE man having that many wives and spreading himself all around evenly, to please them all....and take care of them all.
Not to mention, the guy has 16 children betwixt all of the 4 wives now.
He admits, and the wives say, he comes to each one their bedrooms, every 4th night ~LoL~
Okkkk......Each wife has a different part of the house and each has a completely separate bedroom.
He alternates between the 4 women...so I'm thinking, he must have sex every damn night then!
Because if he doesn't.....and he doesn't feel like it that night, well....whatever wife's night that is, she might be a little pissy because she's not gonna be getting any!
No way, I couldn't live a life like that...and the women admitted, they have jealousy issues.
Man....anybody here live in Utah??
Does anyone think they could lead a life such as theirs??
I'm not watching it again....it made my brain hurt :-/


A Darker Knight
There is no way that anyone would ever be okay with sharing a spouse. I don't care what those women say. That's just not how humans are.

I could never have multiple wives, nor would I want to be one of many husbands.