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SIRIUS is on a rollercoaster


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Staff member
Sirius Radio (SIRI) seems to be having a lot of trouble recently. Just when you think the safety net has been raised, it breaks and everything goes downhill from there.

I was in several thousand shares at $6.68 per share, and enjoyed a nice spike up to $7.50 per share in a few months. It started dropping, and I got out at $7.30 a share. At first I was a little disappointed that I didn't stay in, because it started going back up. Then seemingly without reason (at least no bad press or anything), the stock started to plummet again. I didn't get back in luckily, and now today it's down to about $6.70 a share.

Does anybody else invest in them? They have made a lot of impressive announcements for the future lately, but for some reason their spotlight didn't last as long as I expected it to. They signed Howard Stern starting in January, and their stock has been predicted to go up because of that, but any real increases seem to be canceled out a few weeks later from what I've been noticing. Any thoughts?


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I saw this stock was at $80+ at some poing in 2000 year, what happened to it? Same thing happened to the company that I invested all my 401K, now see me, here looking opportunities to recover the lost money! :mad: