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Movies Sirius (Harry Potter) [Spoilers]


Registered Member
For those who have read the books, or seen the movies. This question has always itched at me after finishing the series.

Why was Sirius never created into a painting? There seems to be many different wizards and witches who were made into them, so they could continue contacting the living world. Dumbledore, for example, and the rest of the headmasters.


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Considering everyone thought he was a mass murderer except a select few, I'm guessing no-one thought him important enough to have one. Also, i'm pretty sure only important people from the books get a portrait done.


Problematic Shitlord
In my opinion, it's because one: they had the piece of the hand mirror and two, Harry had to feel alone. That's what the sixth and mostly the seventh books are about: unity. Having Sirius gone from the series made Harry feel deeply alone on a family level. It isn't until the middle of the seventh book that Harry realizes that his new family has always been there for him in Ron and Hermione.