Sinning = Heaven?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Boredie, May 25, 2010.

  1. Boredie

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    The title of this thread might seem out of place but this is nothing to do with religion (I hope so anyway. But if this discussion does become too religious, please move it to the appropriate forum).

    I've noticed that when I eat something really, really good (like, high quality chocolate truffles, for example :D or a very rich delicious cake), one comments, or I think to myself how sinful this is, because it's so good. Yet, on the other hand I'm thinking I'm in heaven because of the immense enjoyment of it.

    This goes also with many other "sins" or religious sins that one does, yet feels in heaven for doing so.

    Now I'm not sure what type of discussion I'm aiming at here, but I think there are two things that come to mind.
    A. How come sin = heaven, don't they represent the opposite sides of the scales? (when I say sin it can include private sinning: eating cakes on a diet, or religious sinning)
    B. Is sinning that good that it could actually be heaven? Meaning that perhaps we are wrong in our ideas of what sin really is. (Again sin here means religious and non-religious sins)

  2. fractal

    fractal Eye see what you did ther

    I can't think of any sin that is so good, it feels like heaven.

    Eating a chocolate cake isn't sinful even if it's on a diet!
  3. stevenfermi

    stevenfermi Registered Member

    Well, out of the 7 Deadly Sins, if you eat enough chocolate cake, you are being a glutton.
    Or stealing $63,000,000,000 and getting away with it for many, many years.
    So, yes, there are sins that feel really good. xD
  4. ysabel

    ysabel /ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

    My friends' quote come to mind: Forbidden fruit tastes better. :lol:

    I think we think of "heaven" when we sense pleasure in things we do. However, not all that feels good are necessarily good and perhaps that's the main difference: knowing and feeling.

    Of course there are other ideas like being programmed to think that feeling pleasure is bad unless they're divinely inspired/related. You can't go to heaven until you're sent to heaven. :)
  5. Altanzitarron

    Altanzitarron Tamer Of The LOLzilla

    I think this is just an example of the saying that things we consider wrong can feel so right. I think the use of the words "Sin" and "Heaven" confuse the argument, especially since you don't want this to be a religious debate. Lots of people get a thrill from breaking rules (external or personal) and that thrill is pleasurable. That's all it is really.
  6. pedals

    pedals Registered Member

    Eating chocolate's not a sin. It's a guilty indulgence, though with the new research, it's not even guilty anymore if you approach it right. Supposedly there's a weight loss link with some stress hormone relations that say if you eat a little chocolate evryday for like a week or so, it'll actually help you lose weight by reduction of some stress hormones that make you gain weight. Try it and see.

    What's a sin, really? Sodomy ain't heaven. Killing doesn't seem fun or heavenly, though I suppose that'd depend on who was getting offed.
    But then, I don't believe killing is always a sin. Stealing isn't heaven. I don't care what you get, I'm sure it'll come along with a bunch of fear.
    Boredie, me too.
  7. rainbow5555

    rainbow5555 Registered Member

    I would say that being sinful does feel good, even better than knowing your helping the world, For example stealing something is fun because you know that other people don't like or approve of it, yet you are doing it regardless of the consequences. Man things that are taboo or 'wrong' feel good, for example mugging someone may be seen as wrong and may make you feel evil, but the rush you get from it and the money that you acquire make it feel delightful plus its easy money.
  8. pedals

    pedals Registered Member

    I suppose a psychologist would label you as having an "antisocial personality disorder." You really do fit their bill. I do also suppose that it's sort of unethical to label people like that, but from their point of view as a well-adjusted member of society and all. do you believe in hell or karma? if we sin, we generally have to accept there might be consequences. that sucks, but then, what is a sin, really?
    like this one woman i met thinks, if you have sex with a divorced person, it's a sin. really? why would anyone think that? but it's okay if their spouse dies. who made up that assinine shit. no wonder there's so many atheists. what a shame.
    mugging people, though. i mean, i don't know your story, maybe you have permission. but it is against the law.
  9. rainbow5555

    rainbow5555 Registered Member

    I believe that we are all chemicals, and so what we do on this Earth has no meaning as it is nothing other than a chemical process. Mugging a person is agaist the law, but by evading and decieving the law, You will not be a suspect. And if you believe there are no consequences after death, and that you can get away with it now, perhaps you would consider mugging someone.
  10. pedals

    pedals Registered Member

    Hmm. Me, I think I'd probably get caught. At least, it's fifty/fifty minimally that you might, so that for me is a deterrent. If life is just a chemical makeup, then what's the difference if your a blob of chemicals in jail or out amongst free society anyway? As far as after death, believe me, we do face consequences. I think the catholic church is dead on accurate when it comes to the seven sins/virtues, that we are judged by those standards of cultivation of them in our lives.

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