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Single People - what bed do you have?


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I literally roll over and fall out, I dunno how people do it. Either that or half of me is hanging off the bed.
Imp, that happens to me a lot too. Sometimes, my dog sleeps on the bed, and she will literally push me off the bed with her legs. But even when I'm alone, I have no idea what horrible monsters I'm fighting off in my dreams, because I usually end up on the floor, along with my pillow. So, yeah I'm pretty sure I need a bigger bed since I move around a lot :-/


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I have a queen sized bed. As long as I remember having my own bed (had bunk beds as a kid) I've had a double/full or queen. I love being able to stretch out and to have enough room to have some friendly company.


I have a twin bed and if I get a girl friend to move in with me it will be great for cuddling at night.


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Double bed for me, as much as I move when I sleep I think I would fall out anything less than this lol.


I have a full sized bed and it's awfully lonely by myself. So, now I sleep on a couch 90% of the time. Haha.


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Actually I have 2 beds and they're both singles.
I dont sleep in the loft bed very much now but I still use the built-in desk and shelves underneath. Also, the TV is mounted to the end and it's the perfect place in my room for that.

The bed I sleep on the most though is in the middle of my room. Well, with the head against the wall. It's a single too but that's a lot of space. Def good since I move around a lot when I sleep. And I can still have friends sleep over since I still have the other bed! :nod: But if it's like 5 or more then somebody gets to sleep on the floor. :lol:


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I used to have an awesome mattress and box spring. King sized. So just a single technically. However my older brother infected my mom's place with bed bugs, and so I had to throw them out. Now I have a double futon. It's decently comfy. Serves as a couch as well. Not too shabby.


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I've got a queen size bed and I actually hope to get a king size whenever we get an actual house. I need to get a better bed anyways because this bed kills my back unless I sleep in a weird position.


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Queen size but I got it when I wasn't single (again) yet.