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Single People - what bed do you have?


aka ginger warlock
(I think this has already been posted but I couldn't find the previous post, if it has please by all means delete it)

As a spin off from the pillow discussion and also what we wear for bed all the single people out there; what kind of bed do you have? Have you a single or do you like having a double/king/queen size so you can really stretch out? I have slept in a double bed for so long now I don't think I could go back to a single. I also remember some time ago when two of my friends were over (one guy and one girl) we all shared the double bed in my room (my mum got a hellova shock the next morning but it was entirely innocent) and I really didn't like it so I am not sure I could share a bed with a partner.


I have a single bed because my room sucks and I can't fit anything bigger into it. I'm a pretty tall person and sometimes my feet hang over the edge. I do need a bigger bed but it doesn't bother me much yet, when I move it I will get a double for sure.


yellow 4!
I have a single bed at home because I'd rather have more floor space than bed space.

At university it's a fair bit bigger (I'm not sure what it is exactly, in terms of the name of the size). But I still have a single duvet cover, which obviously doesn't fit the bed haha. Well, it kind of does, but it doesn't go down the sides like it would normally. I quite like it though because I lay my water bottle and phone etc on the edge of my bed as you would with a bedside table. Easy access!


I have a semi-double bed. It's too big for a single and can fit 2 people in it.


Babeasaurus Sex
I have a double.

I haven't had a single bed since I was 10! lol!

When I move house I'm going to have a bigger bed though.



I currently have a single and ITS KILLING MY BACCCCK! Darn springs no longer supporting me body. >.<;

When/If I get a new one I'll make it a full size. Ever since I was a child I always pretended to be a rolling pin on top of my bed.


Well-Known Member
I have a double.

I haven't had a single bed since I was 10! lol!

When I move house I'm going to have a bigger bed though.

Wait, what? I always thought your bed was a single...

I have a double, and I take up the entire fucking thing. I like stretching out so I kinda hate sharing my bed. Although, sharing it can have it's perks too ;)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I have a Queen, which is pretty big for one person, but I some time share with "strangers" ;)

In all seriousness though, I do enjoy having a bigger bed. I move around a lot of my bed and when I had a single I fell off a few times. Haven't had that problem since getting the Queen bed.