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Single CD collections


In need of Entertainment
Do you buy singles? Whose?
Do you make a point of collecting singles by a certain artist?

Single cds aren't really available where I live and so I had to ask others to purchase them for me when I used to collect them.
I only ever bothered collecting Westlife singles, it was like a mission or something. Then I grew out of it and was left with all their singles and had no way to get rid of them.


I have bought singles, but only the ones that have some obscure remix as the other track(s). I LOVE (good) remixes of songs.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I have bought a single of a new French group whose other songs didn't interest me. Nowadays, I just listen to the song online instead of buying the record.


New Member
I don't really like getting singles, if I only like one song that the band does I will just listen to them when they come on the radio or TV, otherwise if they are a good band and have a lot of good songs I will buy the album.


Son of Liberty
There was only one place around my town that I knew of that carried singles. I never bought 'em, funny thing is even to this day I still rarely ever buy singles on iTunes. The way I have always tried to convince myself is that, if I like the artist and the song itself. Chances are I'm just going to end up getting the full album.


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I've never bought a single. I thought it was pointless to but a song and a few demos or whatever they decided to through on it.


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I've started to collect singles of Tarja Turunen, although some of her releases has only been released in Germany, Finland or Argentina. I miss one of her official singles if you do not count the digital ones. I would love to get my hand on her "You would have loved this" single. I guess that if I pay enough I will get it...