Since Vicke has the wheelchair, Vince should get Professor Xavier's hoverchair

Seriously, don't laugh!

It could be used for a great X-Men-like stable. Take a ganger:

Triple H = Sabretooth
Big Daddy V = The Blob
Evan Bourne = Iceman
Layla = Storm
Mark Henry = Beast
Batista = Juggernaut
Khali = Sentinel
CM Punk = Gambit

You have Triple H as your head heel wrestler: Sabertooth, Big Daddy V as the monster: The Blob, Evan Bourne as your lightweight wrestler: Iceman, female wrestler, Layla as Storm and CM Punk being used as a mid-carder casted as Gambit. I threw in Mark Henry in substitute for Big Daddy V if he isn't available and Batista as Juggernaut if Triple H stays on SmackDown!. Khali is mainly there as a bodyguard-type of position.

So, what do you think? All Vince needs to do is create a hoverchair... Hmm... details, THE DETAILS!