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Since the World is Ending, What Would Be Your Lasts?


Registered Member
[SARCASM]So, apparently tomorrow is exactly 7,000 years to the day of Noah's Ark...or something like that.[/SARCASM]

Bottom line is, there are group of American extremists (maybe in other parts of the world as well) that think rapture is tomorrow.

While I think this is another Y2K--type hysteria (on a smaller scale), it brings up some interesting questions.

What would you do if the world was to end tomorrow? Last meal? Where would you go? We all have serious answers, but what about the fun ones as well?

I know my last meal would be my mom's chicken and pasta (greek version is called Kapama).

I would go see my family, and I would make sure that I put a ring on my boyfriend's finger :D

On a fun level? I'd go plug an xbox in the Jumbo Tron at Cowboy's Stadium and just sit back and have fun with a keg of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

How about you?


New Member
I do not believe in that so I don't have a particular last things to do. I guess they are just trying to bring doubts in our faith to God. I believe that God will never ever end the world and destroy it just like what he did before during the time of Noah. As long as we continue to take good care of environment and we still have discipline in almost everything then I don't think God has a reason to end the world.


New Member
I too do not trust on this and thus there is nothing important to be done today. I believe this is just some fake information spread out just to let others believe in you.


aka ginger warlock
To be honest I didn't realize that the world was coming to an end today and only found out because someone told me. I guess I would like to get drunk tonight just because if the world is coming to an end who cares about the hang over...


Where is my Queen?
I am actually going to the Crawfish Festival again tonight, and I am bringing my keg of Bud Light, and going to eat a crap load of crawfish before I start hearing the trumpets.


Registered Member
It's saturday so I have an epic list, yes! :D I'm gonna dye part of my hair shocking pink, put in 3 new earrings I bought, add some new tracks to my media player, paint my fingernails indigo, and find my fav pair of ti-di socks.
Then I'm going to an awesome Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Then I'll prolly watch for someone to get raptured outa their new Lamboughini or diamond necklace! I hope the car has an awesome stereo and I love jewelry! :nod:

Okay, I get that young peeps will get raptured so I guess the older ones get velociraptured(?) :lol: Party time!!!!!!


Registered Member
A person doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at such bullshit. Quite frankly, after the past 2 days I've had, fighting with my daughter and wanting to rip my hair out, or hers, I could care less if the world did end *sigh*


Haters gonna hate.
Well I didn't have to profess my personal interest for one of my closest friends today... since the world didn't end.

Just kidding.

My lasts would have been going out and spending time with my family and enjoying every last minute of the time. But obviously, that isn't the case.