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Simming a Hypothetical Playoff


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This is just a hypothetical playoff system I have devised and I thought it would be interesting to see how it plays out.

Let's don't turn this into a discussion about BCS vs. Playoffs, there is plenty of other time for that. And although I am for a playoff, I am not completely sure of the system I would use. This is just one I thought up, it isn't perfect, just a hypothetical one.

I'll just be simming these games on EA Sports NCAA Football 2011. Not the most perfect simulation, but it's the only one I got and the one that will be used.

Anyways, here is how it is formatted:

- 12 teams
- The four highest ranked BCS teams that also won their respective conferences would get a bye into the quarter-finals which would be major bowl games.

- The final eight opening round berths will be awarded as such:
- All conference champions recieve at-large berth IF team has at least 9 wins AND finishes within the Top 20 of the final BCS Standings.
- All Independents recieve at-large berth IF team has at least 9 wins AND finishes within the Top 20 of the final BCS Standings.
- Remaining teams are selected based on highest BCS ranking.

Here is the bracket:

#1 Auburn (SEC Champs; Sugar Bowl)
#2 Oregon (Pac-10 Champs; Rose Bowl)
#3 TCU (MWC Champs; Fiesta Bowl)
#5 Wisconsin (Big Ten Champs; Orange Bowl)

#4 Stanford
#6 Ohio State
#7 Oklahoma (Big 12 Champs)
#8 Arkansas
#9 Michigan State
#10 Boise State (WAC Champs)*
#11 LSU
#13 Virginia Tech (ACC Champs)

* - Boise State, Hawaii, and Nevada finishes tied atop the WAC. The WAC does not have a tiebreaker to determine the winner of their conference, so I used a PF-PA formula and the BCS tiebreaker which some conferences use. Both projected Boise State the winner of the conference. Had Nevada been declared the winner, they would have been eligible as they are #15 in BCS. They would bump LSU out of the polls, as Boise State still maintains a higher ranking then LSU for an at-large bid. Hawaii is ranked #24, therefore not eligible in this scenario.



- Teams are ranked according to their final BCS ranking. Game are played at home teams' stadium. Home team has highest ranking and are listed in CAPS:

#4 STANFORD CARDINAL (11-1) vs. #13 Virginia Tech Hokies (11-2)

#6 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES (11-1) vs. #10 Boise State Broncos (11-1)

#7 OKLAHOMA SOONERS (11-2) vs. #11 LSU Tigers (10-2)

#8 ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS (10-2) vs. #9 Michigan State Spartans (11-1)



- Winners of the opening round matchups are reseeded and placed into quarter-final matchups (ie: lowest seed advancing would play #1 etc.)

Sugar Bowl
#1 AUBURN TIGERS (13-0) vs. TBA

Rose Bowl
#2 OREGON DUCKS (12-0) vs. TBA

Fiesta Bowl
#3 TCU HORNED FROGS (12-0) vs. TBA

Orange Bowl



- Like last round, winners are reseeded and placed into bracket.

- All four major bowl stadiums rotate sites each year for the two semi-final games and championship game for neutral field.

Game #9 at Georgia Dome:

Game #10 at Rose Bowl:



at University of Phoenix Field:


Any questions or comments would be great, although unless I committed a travesty, the playoff will probably stay where it is. I know the WAC issue might be sticky, but it was the best I could do since the WAC just declares co-champions. If someone has a better idea how the tie should be calculated, I can do it.

I will probably begin simming Sunday or Monday.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
This is interesting and I really like your format for the most part. I would just use BCS standings as a tiebreaker for the WAC, which obviously has Boise State on top.

Couple things I don't care for as much. First is reseeding. I like just seeding the teams 1-12 and sticking with it for the duration of the tournament. Second, I prefer home field advantages over playing at neutral bowl sites. I think the atmosphere is better, plus bowl sites are unfair to conferences like the Big Ten who NEVER get to play close to home.

It's a great idea though and I'm curious to see how the simulations turn out.

By the way, how is NCAA 2011? I've been thinking of getting it.


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I really tinkered with various formats using home-field advantage, I just really wanted to keep the bowl tradition alive somehow. Maybe I will return to HFA in the semi-final round.

Echoes, NCAA 11 is awesome, I really enjoyed it. Way better then Madden this year, IMO. The gameplay is fantastic and they really reworked dynasty mode for the better. Rent it or play the demo first to see for yourself, but it is probably the best football game I have ever played on a NextGen system


Haters gonna hate.
The format works, and hopefully it works out realistically. All the teams' placement makes sense.


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Don't mean to bump this up, just letting everyone know I will probably start on Wed. after my final exam for the semester.


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Finally getting this going. One game tonight, one tomorrow morning and maybe another tomorrow night. But here is Game #1.


Pre-Game: Stanford, behind Heisman candidate Andrew Luck, will look to advance to the next round of the BCS playoffs with a victory over the Virginia Tech Hokies. The Hokies, after starting the season with back-to-back losses to Boise St. and James Madison, rebounded strong and won the ACC title. They will try to upset the #4 Cardinal.
FIRST QUARTER: After trading back-to-back punts, Virginia Tech scored the first and only points of the half courtesy of a 25 yard FG from Justin Myer.
3-0 VT

SECOND QUARTER: Both kickers tacked on three points and Virginia Tech retained a three point advantage. The Hokies made a devastating blow with :39 seconds left in the quarter, when Tyrod Taylor hooked up with Danny Coale from 30 yards out for a touchdown.
13-3 VT

THIRD QUARTER: Stanford came out and answered with a long, 12 play opening drive that concluded with Andrew Luck finding Griff Whalen for 17 yards in the back of the end-zone. Cardinal kicker Nate Whitaker also missed an opportunity from 34 yards out to tie the contest on the next possession.
13-10 VT

FOURTH QUARTER: Whitaker atoned for his earlier misque, hitting a 27 yard chipshot to tie the game on the first play of the final quarter. Virginia Tech lined up for a 59 yard FG at the end of regulation, but Myer's attempt fell just short and to the right to send the game into OT
13-13 Tie

OVERTIME: Stanford won the toss and elected to play offense first. On their fourth play, Jeremy Stewart punched it in from four yards out to make it 20-13 Stanford. In their series, Virginia Tech, faced a 4th and 6 and needed a touchdown/first down to extend the game. However, Tyrod Taylor threw an incomplete pass to end the game and advance Stanford to the quarterfinals.

Stanford: Andrew Luck (23-32, 255, 1-0)
Virginia Tech: Tyrod Taylor (18-28, 250, 1-1)


Stanford: Jeremy Stewart (31-137-1)
Virginia Tech: Ryan Williams (23-98-0), Darren Evans (14-53-0)


Stanford: Chris Owusu (7-81), Griff Whalen (5-56-1), Ryan Whalen (4-72)
Virginia Tech: Jarrett Boykin (7-124), Danny Coale (3-61-1)

Notes: Both kickers went 2-for-4...Virginia Tech's Barquell Rivers led all tacklers with 13 tackles...Stanford's Delano Rivers had the only INT, picking off Taylor in the 2nd quarter...Offensive lines played well with Cardinal LB Thomas Keiser registering the only sack.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
OVERTIME: Stanford won the toss and elected to play offense first.
:lol: @ EA's AI. I've never seen a team elect to go on offense first in overtime.

Very cool though. Can't wait to see the results from the other games.


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haha Echoes i know, only EA. Surprised the AI gave V Tech`s RBs split carries though. Ill put one up after lunch tomorrow, I am kinda liking this myself.

FIRST QUARTER: Kellen Moore engineered a touchdown drive on Boise State's first possession, taking only six plays, capping it off with a 12 yard strike to Austin Pettis. Devin Barclay hit a 51 yard field goal to cut into the lead on the next possession.
7-3 BSU

SECOND QUARTER: On the first play of the second quarter, Terrell Pryor took a QB Draw in the house from seven yards out, finishing of a nine play drive and giving the Buckeyes their first lead. After a BSU 3-and-out, Barclay extended the lead with another long field goal, this one from 50 yards out.
13-7 OSU

THIRD QUARTER: Starting with great field position after a Pryor INT, Jeremy Avery put the rock in from five yards out to give the Broncos the lead back. Boise State began to take control when on their next possession, Moore hit Avery on a 51 yard catch-and-run for a touchdown.

Ohio State then drove back down field, getting a 1st-and-goal at the 6. However, halfback Brandon Saine was stripped by defensive tackle Chase Baker. Baker also recovered the ball, getting a cruical, momentum-swinging turnover.
21-13 BSU

FOURTH QUARTER: Boise State was unable to generate a first down and Ohio State received good field position at midfield after the punt. Saine atoned for his mistake and finished the drive off with a one yard TD scamper. The Buckeyes then tied the game up when Pryor hit Duron Carter on a play-action pass on the two-point conversion.

Undaunted by the deafening crowd noise from within the shoe, Boise State marched right back down field. Kellen Moore hit Tommy Gallarda for a big 26 yard pass play on a 3rd and long to extend their drive and six plays later, Titus Young made a reception in the back of the endzone with 3:35 left.

Pryor did not generate a yard on the next Ohio State drive, a very crucial one. Backed inside their own 30, Jim Tressel elected to punt, when Young sealed it with a 66 yard punt return touchdown.

Boise State: Kellen Moore (23-35, 329, 3-0)
Ohio State: Terrell Pryor (14-29, 239, 0-1)

Boise State: Jeremy Avery (27-109-1)
Ohio State: Brandon Saine (21-101-1), Terrell Pryor (8-32)

Boise State: Titus Young (6-78-1), Austin Pettis (5-56-1)
Ohio State: Brandon Saine (4-47), Devier Posey (3-90)

NOTES: Boise State out-gained Ohio State offensively 451-380 on the day...The Broncos were penalized six times for 45 yards, while the Buckeyes were flagged only twice for holding...Brian Rolle led all defenders with 8 tackles, he also registered a sack...Broncos WR Titus Young had 192 all-purpose yards...Sorry Echoes :)
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4 legs good 2 legs bad
I have a hard time believing that would happen, especially in Columbus. Ohio State hasn't given up more than 352 yards in a game all year. Only allowed 300+ yards three times. Interesting result though.

By the way, Duron Carter wasn't on the team this year.


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Ya, I was a little surprised to Echoes with like you saying, OSU being at home. I'm sure if I simmed it 10 times, OSU would win the majority of the game.

And sorry for leaving Carter on the roster, I just downloaded the most updated named roster set available and combed through everyone's roster in the tourney to try to keep them up-to-date, but I guess Carter slipped through the cracks.

Sorry I've been a while over the past few days, I'll likely do one tonight sometime.