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Silly Putty Batteries


Free Spirit
Staff member
The new way of making lithium-ion batteries — which, humorously, utilizes surgical tubing and one of the key constituents of Silly Putty to great effect — has significant implications for the electronics, battery, and EV industries, according to the researchers.

Silly Putty Batteries That Last 3 Times Longer Than Conventional Ones | CleanTechnica
Anytime they can make a battery last longer, in this case much longer, I'm all for it because it will mean less batteries thrown away which is good for the environment.

These batteries are safe, non toxic and environmentally friendly so maybe just pitching them in the trash when they do wear out won't pollute. You know people don't dispose of their old batteries like they should.



Well-Known Member
I don't know anybody that "properly disposes" of their old batteries.

This is an interesting idea. I wonder how expensive they are and whether or not the claims really are true. If they are then we may see things such as iPhones and laptops getting much better batteries in the future as well. Also, I get really annoyed when my set of AAA or AA batteries for the TV remote decides to go out, so annoying.


Registered Member
There's a correct method of disposing one's batteries? Gah, now I feel like a criminal. Ha ha!

Still, it would be good if this report is true, and I hope they go the whole hog with it. We could do with a few more environmentally sound energy solutions.