silly mistake that happened 2 years ago.. can you advise me please?


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at the time i was fairly new to profile websites and msn, and was only 19.. i signed up to face pic, and this guy started talking to me.. so i talked to him back.. he then said he had a freind interested in me... as at the time i was abit bi curious.. so this guy on introduce me to this guy on face pic.. and i checked out hes profile and it stated that he was 16.. so i thought, okay he is old enough, as there is not of a age gap between us.. anyways i add him to msn, and he flirts with me, and i do it back, and then he wants me to w**k on cam.. so i did this, and he did the same thing back.. then he sends me pics of him and i do the same back.. this happened once or twice... i then get an email from this 16 year old guy, that sent us to join a new profile website.. so i click and look on hes profile on that site.. and it says hes age is 15.. which i then get worried about it, cause i was thinking he said and it said on hes profile that he was 16.. so im thinking is he 15 or 16... so i get quite worried about it.. and then it was a mistake as i thought he was 16.. but now i wasnt sure.. so i got upset and just deleted and blocked him... as i did not know wat to do.. anyways a couple of days later he trys sending me an add.. and i reject it.. and then i delete the profile so he cannot contact me.. and i have not spoke to him again..
i am worried that i will be reported for sumthing that was not my thought.. if i knew hes real age, then i would of never of spoken to him in the 1st place
Um...was the "w**k" something sexual?


Anywho, i wouldnt fret about it. If the fbi comes a knockin, tell them he lied about his age. The End.