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Silly fines


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
More silliness with the NFL's priorities on what should and shouldn't be tolerated:

Broncos LB Lamin Barrow: $8,268 fine for throwing a punch at a Jets player and getting ejected from the game.

Broncos DT Terrance Knighton: $11,025 fine for unsportsmanlike behavior for saying the N-word to a Jets player.

Better still: Knighton got a larger fine for his misdeed than Julius Thomas got for his chop block ($8,268).

http://www.denverpost.com/kiszla/ci_267 ... -hypocrisy

I don't approve of the N-word usage, but that's worth a larger fine than penalties that get a player ejected or result in injury to another player?


Registered Member
I think the N-word is higher because that is one of their priorities to reduce from the game. That rule was brought in this year, yes?