PlayStation 2 Silent Hill or Resident Evil?

i remember i got Resident Evil 2 when i was like 14. thought it was one of the best and scariest out there. then i got RE3, RE1, code veronica. then when i was 17 i got Silent Hill 2. i figured RE was scary, but Silent Hill is some scary shit. got SH1 and 3 a few months later. SH4 sucked real bad. so anywayz, i like SH better. its more about mental horror. RE is more about physical. RE2 is the only one that comes close, but SH is just better. if u played it, u would get it. so which is better to u, Silent Hill or Resident Evil?


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Silent Hill and Resident Evil are both teo great games. Personally, I like resident evil better, also they have the RE movies. Another cool game, or at least the demo is, is the suffering. It is also fun. That game is scary, I'll tell ya what. Anyways, to answer your question, Resident Evil


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Perfect, I am a HUGE Silent Hill fan. I LOVE resident evil a lot, but Silent Hill just blows RE out of the water. It has a place in my heart that is normally reserved for the likes of Mario and Zelda, one part that sticks out in my mind was now knowing about alternate world when I first played. My sister recommended it to me, she rented it once and got as far as the piano puzzle in the school. So we played it together, and when alternate world came, it was like BAM! We weren't expecting it at all, we thought the whole game was going to be like a RE style game play, with nice puzzles, a little blood every now and then. But alternate world, *shivers* Anyway, the one part, when you see that creepy painting of a door, with bodies handing next to it, as if for decoration. How creepy, I thought, that a paiting like that would hang on the wall. Went back to that room in alternate world, and it was no longer a painting, but a door with bodies hanging next to it! That was a defining moment in my gaming life, a new found respect for the horror genre : D
yea man i know wat u mean. u or anyone else wanna play Silent Hill online?

i thought Nowhere was the scariest area in any horror game i ever seen. the graphics of SH1 made the game even scarier i think. SH2 is another good one, i cant really decide if i like SH1 better or SH2. SH2 isnt as bloody but just as scary, but in a different way. SH3 is third for me, really scary, really bloody but it seemed like some of the monsters were too similar looking. SH4 i hated. got it the day it came out and man i was disappointed. but still a big fan of the rest of the SH series, i can say its my favorite of all time, not just survival horror


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i remember playing SH for the psx cause i heard it was good, it wasn't. one of the things that bugged me was that the city streets were huge! [ wide wise ]. and they were streets in the neighborhood, not a eff'ing freeway.

i also didn't like the monster designs in SH.


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The monstors in SH were like summat from a Manson music video, really out there, wierd. Adds to the scariness :D

I think SH was much more about the horror than RE was, cos really, RE was much more about puzzles and collecting compared to Silent Hill

Maybe I'm just biased though ^_^


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I didn't actively play either of these games, but I was an active watcher. I'd watch my husband play both games and would try to solve the puzzles right along with him. The puzzles are the main reason why I like Resident Evil better. Of course, if I was playing the game I wouldn't get half of them. But for some reason, when you are watching someone else play - it seems easier.


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The puzzles in SH were much more intelligent, actually asking you to use your brain with things like Shakespear plays and such, instead of "get the key" or "push the thing into the thing".

That is if you played it on Hard anyway, no Shapespear on Normal. But the puzzles were a challenge enough : )