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Sigur Rós


Has anybody heard of this Icelandic band? They have a really different style from most any other group, although I don't know if it would really appeal to everybody. I really enjoy it, and I like a lot of their songs, even though they're all either in Icelandic or Hopelandic (a language Sigur Rós made up, hehe) so I can't understand what's being sung. I'd say my favorate album by them is ÃÂgætis Byrjun with my favorate songs being Starálfur (really really makes me nostalgic for some reason) and Hjartað Hamast (bamm Bamm Bamm). Takk is also a good album, as is ()... although () is completely in Hopelandic so I can't even look up translations of the lyrics *shrug*. Anybody else heard/enjoy them?
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