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Signing on eBay


Registered Member
I've been meaning to ask this for awhile and now seems to be the time :nod:

EVERYtime I go to eBay I click the little button that says "keep me logged on yada yada yada" and EVERYtime I go back I'm not logged on.

Just me? My virus/firewall stuff? eBay?

What do you all get when you first go on there?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I have the oposite problem. Every time I go there I am signed in LOL!

I always forget to sign out and it just keeps me in and I don't even click "remember me" or anything.

Wanna trade computers? :D

Actually, lets see. You are using AOL if I remember. The new version of AOL has some safety features built in, and since I don't use AOL I don't know what they are, but maybe try checking the settings for that and see what things are set to?


Registered Member
Well mine sometimes remembers without me clicking on remember me but then when i got to MY EBAY it ask my password.. I get worry about it at times heck I don't need no more id theft........