Signature Request



Hey guys, I know all of you (except for Alex) probably won't know me, but after I saw Alex's awesome Batista sig at another forum, I had asked him where he got it from and he pointed me to here.
Which brings me to my request:

I am looking for a good CM Punk (the wrestler) signature, if one of you guys could do it I would be very, VERY grateful!

Type of art you are requesting: Signature

Name or artist you would like to handle this request: From what I've seen 'Kyo' is awesome, but anybody would do

Size of art (300 x 550 is max for signature use): 500 X 150

Pictures you would like to be used:
and maybe this

Color(s) you would like the end product to be: Anything that looks nice

Text you would like on it: CM Punk - The ECW Champion

Placement of the text: Anywhere

Again, if anybody could do this I would be very grateful!
Thanks very much in advance! :)


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Oops, I forgot to read the ECW Champion part so it got left out....but do tell me if you want it up there or not. Here is your tag:

I expect you to post on this site and bring members here aswell. Basically new members aren't suppose to get tags yet but since Alex sent you I'll let you slide this time^_^.


No, it's fine!
Sorry, I wasn't aware that I was not meant to request, but thank you very much anyway!
It's great, thanks :)