Sign Language


Ms. Malone
My mum and i are starting a Sign Language class on monday and i was wondering how many of you can or would like to sign.

I've got a cousin who is deaf so of course his mum can sign and my other aunt can sign because she took a class too. My mum's always wanted to do Sign Language and has now decided to persue her dream, she's going deaf too (she'll be given hearing aids on the NHS, but won't recieve them until christmas) and sometimes can't hear me. It'll be fun to sign to her ^_^


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I don't know sign language but I can lip read

I am about 5% deaf..I can lip read. I don't know how I learnt but I just know

Even on TV, when someone is speaking and the TV cuts it off..I still know what they are saying


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I'd like to learn how to sign. It's one more skill to add to my life experiences, which is always a good thing. I'm not really sure how much time it would take to become decent at it though, and I wouldn't want to just do it half way.

I would like to learn Sign Language, but I'd rather learn a completely new language like Spanish or Japanese.


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I remember learning some in elementary school, but quickly forgot it. I'm afraid the only sign language I know is the middle finger. :D
Thats really cool. I'd like to learn quite a few, including sign. Since language is my worst subject, I've been having quite a bit of difficulty getting around to it.


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Sign language is hard to learn, I know a couple of people who know Sign Language and I am trying to learn from them and I am finding the classes fun but hard

Even not being deaf, people know sign language and they are interpreters

Hard thing to learn
I wouldn't mind knowing, but I don't know any deaf people and you don't encounter all that many deaf people throughout your life, so I wouldn't devote a lot of time to learning it. If I met someone deaf, I might though, and it couldn't hurt to know...