siggy request


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i paintball a lot, and my usual tactic is to go on the course with ghillie (for those that don't know, image google 'ghillie'), and snipe people like the sneaky bastard i am, so i want a signature that shows (a)im a REAL good shot and (b) i wear ghilly. the rest, let your imagination soar... if you want, tint some parts of it blue or whatever (greeny bluey goodness)

i dont want the sig to reference paintballing itself. i prefer real guns to be in it.

whos nice enough to take it on for me?


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that looks alright, but just a few touch ups to exactly how i want it...

some sort of asymettrical border/stylish thing that fits in, and a font + colour change of the text.

otherwise, on the right path.
How much do you have .. this is simple, look around in the other threads .. the standard is 10,000 points + rep .. I don't believe you even have that much .. so I must accept what you can afford ..