Sig problem - can't add text


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I can't add text to my sig. I have over 25 posts like it says in one of the other threads I read I was wondering if it has been raised or is it a system error or something like that?

Anyhelp would be great :D


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took me a while to figure it out myself.

Just toss in some text in the text box above the spot where you put an image. Save your sig and you should be able to have both Text and Pics. Or maybe not.. I dunno. I do know it works for me :D


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Yeah I now how to add text the only problem is that there is no text box to add it there :/ Thats what I was trying to ask about.

I think it is more of a permissions problem that the admin will have to do as in my experiences is that not may mods have access to the admincp
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It is a glitch. Hybrix is the only one who can fix it. Send him a PM and he will fix it for you.