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Sig issue, BB code font

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Living in Ikoria
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Currently, my signature has a picture and some text (the phrase We Are One in bold).

I was trying to add more text, which is within the 8 line limit. I keep getting this error:

  1. BB code font is not allowed.

Can anyone explain what this means?

I've tried messing with the font, spacing, etc. to no avail. I use Firefox and tried it with IE, still no success.

Any input would be much appreciated, mis amigos.
So I answered the question, myself, after analyzing the situation. Mods, you can get rid of this thread if you need to, or keep it around if it might help others.

I had copied and pasted some text from a yahoo messenger window...although the font appeared normal on my sig editing screen, its problem was either that (1) formatted for yahoo messenger (2) papyrus font, or (3) both.

I just ended up typing it manually.
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